Why should your business have an active Facebook account?

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Facebook is the way people share their lives.

They share their interest, hobbies, and opinions. They stay in touch with friends and family they use it like a scrapbook they share with the world. They use it to get news and find out what is happening in the world around them. They use it to connect to the world around them. Your customers are there doing life your business should be there too.

Not Just Another Sales Pitch

Think of Facebook as having the opportunity to have your customers, like friends, over for dinner. At dinner you share funny stories about what you are doing, you provide value in the relationship, you invest in your dinner guest, caring about the things that they care about. You share helpful information. You share what makes you unique. Posting on Facebook for your business should be the same. 

Your customers are there, doing life, your business should be there too.

People want to buy from people

People want to connect with people. Using your business’s Facebook page connects you to people. If you provide interesting and engaging content, not only sales pitches, you will stay top of mind and will create a connection to people that will translate to customers when it is time or keep your current customers engaged and invested in your business.

If you imagined your Facebook and Social Channels as the storefront of your business, how would you treat it? Would you only open the doors every few weeks to post a sign about what you are selling? Would you let the appearance be messy and unkempt? Would your receptionist ignore people when they walked in and only give out a two-line sales pitch over and over without saying hello or asking about their day?

Of course not! What is your lack of presence and consistency saying about your business?

But who has the time?

If you’re like most every other business owner, there is never enough time. Chances are you didn’t have time to read this article. So how does one reach this lofty goal of reaching all these customer’s and making a connection?

You don’t, at least not alone. You let someone come alongside you and handle the content creation and grunt work. Then you commit to engaging, answering questions, and connecting. Like we said earlier, people want to buy from people. Interest, however, can be created without you. Once that interest has been peaked and someone asks you, “can you help me” you step in and do what you do best.

Let’s Change How We

Manage Facebook

If this is the type of partnership your company has been missing in this new modern era, give us a call or contact us. We would love to help you get back in the game, and engage with your customer on their level where they are looking.


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