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How to Focus Your Ads on Real Buyers

You set up your first campaigns on AdWords. You researched all the different options. You avoided the pitfall of AdWords Express and you launch your campaign. You are selling Widgets.

SEO Priorities for the New Year

It’s a new year. It’s winter. Maybe business is a little slower and you have a little extra time on your hands. Now is a good time to go over

On Page Local SEO Tips You Can Use Right Away

Getting your business “out there” locally. Building a website is not enough to get your local business in front of local customers searching for your services. You need good solid

What is Google My Business

  Have you ever Googled your business or one of your services? You open your browser, type in your top service, then bang, right there in .0068 seconds your competitor

Creating Buyer Personas for Inbound Marketing

Imagine sitting down at your computer and writing. You write an amazing how to blog post. It’s just the right length, you address a problem with directional drilling, you identify

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