Google Ads Management

Running effective Google Ads Campaigns for your business is challenging. Take back your time and enjoy the benefits of effective campaigns for your business.
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More Leads
More ROI
More Time

Worried you're wasting your advertising budget?

Ineffective marketing and advertising will cost you money, and isn't the goal of using Google Ads to make money? Let Prairie Giraffe's Google Ads Management implement effective campaigns and strategies for you, freeing up your time to do what you love, run your business.

Stop struggling and start growing

Businesses struggle to reach their ideal customers because platforms like Google Ads can be confusing. Stop struggling and start growing by doing what you love, running your business. Let Prairie Giraffe set up and manage your campaigns for you.
Get more website visitors.
Get more phone calls.
Stop wasting time and money.
Get an advertising strategy that works.

Who needs Google Ads Management?

If your business needs more leads from people looking for services you offer, we can help. Whether you have a long or short sales cycle, we can get your name and ads in front of your next customer just as they are Googling your services.

Why would that matter? 

You will have a massive advantage over your competitor. Google Prioritizes paid ads and will place your ad above organic results, which gets your message and contact information in front of your next customer before your competitor does.
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How It Works

1. Let's talk

To run effective campaigns, we have to understand who you are and how your business works. With this information, we can recommend the following steps to move forward.

2. We go to work

With an approved plan in hand, we get to work creating effective Marketing Campaigns.

3. Optimize and perfect

Marketing isn't a one-time event. We work each month to ensure you reach your marketing goals and optimize your campaigns to get you the best possible ROI.
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How do I know this will work?

We use Google's platform, experience, and specialized tools to ensure you're getting the best ROI, and we show you through easy-to-understand reports. You won't have to hope that your ads are working. We will show you that they are. If your ads aren't effective, we will discuss your options and help you pivot to a new plan. We aren't happy until your ads make you the most money possible.
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Shouldn't we be doing this in-house?

If you've ever run Google Ad campaigns you know there is a steep learning curve. There are also a lot of pitfalls and mistakes that you make along the way. You and your marketing staff end up wasting a lot of time and money. So no, most businesses should not be running their own Google Ads "in-house." Unless you enjoy donating money to Google. 
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