Digital Marketing and Advertising

Drive potential customers to your website when they are searching for the services and solutions you offer.

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If you build it they will come, was a lie...

Having a great website is a must. But what do you do when nobody comes to your site or even knows you exist? 

Digital Marketing and Advertising bridges that gap and brings people who are looking for your products and services to your website.

But Why Google Ads?

Well… because they work. 

The Google Ad network has massive reach, amazing targeting capabilities, and everything can be tracked.

The term “Google” has become the term used when referring to an internet search. So chances are, your ideal customer is Googling your services right now. You need to show up because your competitors are.  

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Your Buyers Journey

With Digital Marketing

Someone Searches For Your Product Or Services

We make sure your Ads are shown to them before search results, in Google Maps, Social Media Feeds, or other websites they visit on the internet.

Clicking Your Ad, They Are Directed To Relevant Landing Pages On Your Site

Once on your website we funnel the buyer toward your content, contact page, forms, phone numbers or any other action that will have the most value for your business and move the relationship with the customer forward.

What About People Who Didn't Convert?

That's where remarketing comes in. We target those visitors with ads to remind them about you and your company. People are distracted easily. Remarketing to visitors is a great way to get them to come back and buy. Click The Description to Learn More...

Everything Is Tracked And Optimized

Getting Google Ads, PPC, and Digital Marketing Campaigns up and running is just the beginning. 

Our Account Management, continually split tests your ads, keywords, budgets, landing pages, etc. In other words, if it can be tested and improved, it will be. 

Our goal is to get you best results from your investment.  

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pg analytics dashboard

We Love Transparency

Our Digital Marketing clients are provided with an easy to understand Analytics dashboard.

We will go over your results regularly with you so you get a complete picture of what’s going on without getting bogged down with details that don’t matter to you. As well as get your questions answered.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Every industry is different. More competitive industries will require higher ad spend to get the best results. 

We will do some preliminary research to get you and idea of what you should budget for ad spend, however with that said, we recommend you have at least $500-$1000/mo for ad spend budgeted and at least 3 months to commit to running and testing your campaigns.  

Ad spend is the money you pay to Google, Facebook, Amazon, or whatever Advertising channel we are utilizing.

Ad spend is separate from PPC management fees and is paid directly by you to the ad network. 

It all comes back to transparency and return on investment. We want you to know your ad spend is not being marked up and that your budget is going 100% where we say it is. 

We love Google Ads for the results it can give our clients. However we can also utilize Facebook and other social networks as well as Bing in certain cases. 

It all comes down to where your audience is and getting your offerings in front of them. 

Digital Advertising and Marketing are separate from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Digital Advertising is just like other forms of advertising, it can be very effective, but once you stop paying your ads come down. 

SEO on the other hand is a long term investment. Bringing in site visitors for free with no cost-per-click. If you are interested in increasing your traffic organically, ask us about creating an SEO strategy. 

We may not need to edit it, but we will need access to your CMS (like WordPress) or your file directory.

Some websites are not optimized for PPC or conversions. If your site is confusing and doesn’t encourage people to buy, there is no point sending people to it at your expense. 

In these cases we will either create landing pages specifically for your ad campaigns, or edit your existing pages to optimize them for conversions. 

Tracking must also be implemented. In order to see what’s working and to remarket to visitors we need to install analytics tags. If you already have tags installed we will request access to those accounts. 

You can! 

But there is a draw back. You will need to invest a lot of time and money in learning the ropes and making the mistakes that come with learning how to run effective campaigns. 

If you’re in a situation where you have way more time than money we recommend you give it a try. 

However, if you value your time and want a partner who will work tirelessly on your behalf to get you the results you need, then we are that partner.