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Your customers are not going to the yellow pages to find your business.

They look for products and services the same way you do.

Prairie Giraffe will help you dig in and identify who your customer is and when they search for your services. What does the path to conversion look like? Using AdWords we will have your ad waiting to direct your customer to your site or have them pick the phone.

What micro-moments occur that cause your customer to decide they need to search for your product/service? Identifying these steps along the path to the purchase allow us to identify the keywords that place your ad in front of your customer at just the right moment when they are looking to buy.

Competitive Intelligence

Are you in a highly competitive market? What are your competitors up to? We can identify your top competitors and show you what they are doing with their Search Engine Marketing.

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AdWords Account Setup

PPC and Search Campaigns

AdWords is a great way to get your products and services in front of potential customers. When you decide to work with us we dig in to better understand your company and who your target demographics are. Who is your ideal client? What Keywords do customers search when they are looking for your products and services? What’s your budget?

Let us get your account setup and create your first PPC campaigns.

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AdWords Account Optimization

If your AdWords account has already been setup, but you’re not sure your campaigns are getting you the best return on your investment, we can help.

Getting a campaign on its feet is not the end of the process. Campaigns, ads, and keywords need to be monitored to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. ROI is important and we will monitor your campaigns, bids, and strategies to make sure you are getting your money’s worth and that your ads are actually showing to the right people.

Prairie Giraffe can review your account and make recommendations and changes to allow you to get the best results from your Search Marketing.

adwords, ppc, digital marketing, Prairie Giraffe, Gillette, WY

AdWords Management

Setting up your account and getting it running is a great first step. Now what? You need to monitor how your campaigns are doing and make adjustments. Who has time for that?

Prairie Giraffe will monitor your campaigns, clicks, conversions, and impressions. We will also check how your budget is holding up against the competition and make recommendations so you can get more conversions and more customers to your site or store.

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adwords, ppc, digital marketing, Prairie Giraffe, Gillette, WY