A Little
About Us

We started Prairie Giraffe back in 2014 after years of working in the IT industry and seeing businesses struggle with setting up websites and digital marketing that actually worked for them.

Kellee – Managing Director/Owner is the large bearded man in the photo with the feminine name, and Jennifer – Owner/Lover of Holidays, along with a team of freelancers work tirelessly to help our clients succeed online.

Things WE Do
And Believe In

Most frequent questions and answers


Now a days everyone claims they are transparent, we work to actually do it. Trust is the most important thing in a business relationship, and we believe if you don’t trust us, we probably shouldn’t be working together. 


For our clients to be successful there needs to be good communication. We work to remain open in communication and implement fancy/easy to use tools to make communicating a snap! 

We're Serious About This Stuff

But not too serious. We keep communications open and processes, dare I say “fun”, while focussing on the end game, helping you hit your goals and make more money through online channels.


We Ask A Lot Of Questions

That’s a good thing. Sometime when planning a project “why” gets lost. It’s important to ask why at every step of the process. Why, can lead you places you never thought of going, and why can save you a lot of headaches. So don’t take it personal when we ask “why?”, it’s the only way we can ensure everyone is on the same page. 

We Do Other Stuff

As mentioned before, we are serious about all this “Digital” stuff, if there is another service you need outside of web design or digital marketing/advertising ask us about it, chances are we’ve done it successfully for others, or we know someone who can and we’ll arrange an introduction, not just through you into the sea of other “providers” you may not be able to trust. 

Other Services

SEO (search engine optimization) – Local SEO – Social Media Management – And More! 

We Prefer A Holistic Approach

While Holistic is an amazing word, we really believe in it. It’s rarely a good idea to make your digital efforts live on an island. We will work to help you achieve your goals from all angles. There is no point in having amazing marketing that sends people home page that doesn’t convert. 

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