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Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

Radio and print ads don't seem to work as promised.
You can't track if your traditional advertising is working.
The internet is confusing and you don't know where to start.
Word of mouth and referrals aren't working like they used to.
Your messaging is confusing potential customers.
Frustrating marketing that feels like a waste of money. 
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From Lost To Found (online)

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We understand that you might be feeling lost. 

You just can't figure out how to grow your business online or where to start and we're here to help. In fact, we've helped companies just like yours go from lost in digital marketing confusion to found. 

They found they had more time to run their business, they are found by new customers, and found that they had less stress from worrying about their online presence. You see, with a partner who can make technology work for you, you're able to focus on things that matter. Prairie Giraffe is that partner. 
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Your Business is Unique, Your Strategy Should Be Too

Large agencies try to fit you into a box. They sell you a cookie cutter package that may or may not fit your situation. They are inflexible and often hard to get a hold of after the sale. 

This way of doing things is just plain wrong. So we decided to do something about it. 

We take the time to understand you and your customers, and then design a strategy tailored to your situation to take your from lost and confused, to found and understood. 
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See Results

See your revenue grow and reach your goals as we execute your strategy roadmap. 

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  • Kellee is a source of knowledge and wisdom. He could make a rocket ship out of coleslaw if he wanted to. Amazing. Truly. Love the website he built for our business and his advice on marketing and advertising is a breath of fresh air for people who just constantly seek to take from you without ever truly caring about your business. Look no further for a true professional and business owner you can trust. Every penny will be well spent.
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    Michael Martinez
    Quality Auto - Precision
  • They follow up regularly to make sure we're pleased with everything. Google is constantly evolving, but they're making all the necessary tweaks and adjustments to keep our website up-to-date.
    derek powell testimonial image
    Derek Powell
    Disaster Recovery, Inc.
  • Prairie Giraffe redeveloped our websites to be more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly. They upgraded everything to bring our sites into the modern age. They improved the navigation, made the sites and patient forms mobile-friendly, and updated our information and links. In the medical industry, details matter and things need to work. 
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    Baylee Mcintyre
    Thunder Basin Orthopaedic

What is not having a solid online presence costing you?

Stop losing customers and wasting money. Get on the path to online success with Prairie Giraffe.

Experience a successful marketing strategy and stop wasting your valuable time. 

Have more leads
Get found by your ideal customers
Clarify your messaging
Have more time to focus on running your business
Finally be able to stop worrying about your marketing
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